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Each person’s financial life is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you reach your financial goal. Customized solutions benefit you by exploring avenues pertaining to your individual situation. That’s what we deliver to you.

  •    Preparing a tailor-made, easy to understand Financial Planning Report
  •    Evaluation and analysis of existing investments
  •   Assessing Income, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities
  •   Recommendations and Action Plan
  •   Creating a Customised Will
  •   Enlisting all assets and liabilities
  •   Identifying right heirs and beneficiaries
  •   Ensuring smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation
  •    Reviewing your existing portfolio
  •    Aligning the portfolio with your financial goals
  •    Suggesting an appropriate asset allocation to suit your risk appetite.
  •    Recommendation on products suiting your requirements, keeping tax efficiency in mind.
  •    Deriving your various insurance needs.
  •    Reviewing & analyzing your existing insurance policies.
  •    Re-aligning them to match the need.
  •    Unbiased recommendations of appropriate product selection.
  •    Reviewing your current tax saving instruments.
  •    Altering your approach towards tax saving.
  •    Recommending additional tax saving instruments.
  •    Exploring various laws, avenues and techniques for further tax saving.
  •    Reviewing and analysing your total debts.
  •    Exploring avenues for restructuring the existing debt.
  •    Guiding you to talk to your financial institutions to negotiate the terms for loans.
  •    Advising low interest rate products to suit your specific needs.

10 Reasons Why you need a Financial Plan!

A financial plan is a road map to your future; it tells you where you are today, where you are going and what steps you need to take to get there.
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Good investments, solid planning, and diversification: these are the hallmarks of a good personal finance portfolio...
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Life is not always a bed of roses. Be sure you are properly insured for medical, life and property when things don’t go as you plan...
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Make sure you have the right debt/equity balance. If you have too much in savings, fixed income and bonds,...
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A good financial plan helps you to manage your cash flows in the most efficient manner. It also allows one to track net-worth, loan payments;
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It is always good to see it in writing: How much are you worth? What is your cash flow like? Where is your money invested?
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Knowing where you stand helps you be prepared at the drop of a hat for emergencies and opportunities.
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Stop worrying about your money and get a 'Basic Plan'. It will tell you your financial strengths and weaknesses, if you are meeting your goals, and more.
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As your needs and financial goals change over time, a financial plan gives you the flexibility to alter your financial strategy to meet new objectives.
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Becoming rich is all about starting early, better planning and being disciplined.
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